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Petland Novi

Petland Novi Breeder Trips

Petland Novi Breeder Trips


At Petland Novi we do more than any Pet Store does to ensure where our Puppies come from. There are 15,000 estimated Breeders in the US and almost 13,500 of them hold no license (90%!!!). There are currently only 1538 licensed professional breeders in the US. Pet Stores are required by law to only buy from LICENSED breeders. The ones that hold no license evade all Federal and State regulations selling on the Internet and in Parking Lots with no recourse whatsoever to the General Public. These are the Breeders that need to be shut down. We make many trips every year to our Breeders ensuring that their facilities meet or exceed USDA Guidelines as well as our own.

On Another note we are always hearing that reputable Breeders do not sell to Pet Stores. That is not true as we have been here for 24 years and have relationships with 100’s of breeders and they also sell directly from their home to the public as well as selling us puppies because they know that their babies will find a Good Home once adopted out from our store. There is no other Petland or Pet Store that offers more with their puppies or cares more about the welfare of their Puppies. We have 32 Employees 10 of which are Kennel Technicians that care for our babies. Yes there are bad Breeders out there but we are in the process of helping to shut them down by not purchasing from them, putting them on a Do Not Buy List and making other Petland’s and Pet Stores aware of how bad their facilities are.

At Petland Novi we are striving to improve the standards of the Breeders we buy from and be the Best of the Best in the industry. People have a choice where they can get a Puppy. The Humane Society, An Animal Rescue, A Private Breeder, the Internet or a Pet Store. The Choice is yours and we have and never will have an issue with where someone purchases his or her Puppy.

Feel free to message us with Shelter Pups and we will post them on our page. We have posts on our page about discount Spay/Neuters and Dogs up for Adoption from Animal Shelters and Rescues. Shelter puppies/kittens find a home through our Facebook within an hour to an hour and a half. Here at Petland we find homes for thousands of homeless puppies through adopt-a-pet program.

Since 1998, Petland stores nationwide have placed close to 400,000 abandoned or unwanted Pets from Shelters. At Petland Novi we have the largest selection of Breeds and offer a “Puppy For A Lifetime Program” on all of our Puppies. Go to and you will see everything our Puppies come with.

We have and always will be here to not only stand behind our Warranty but also help families make the right choice of a Puppy that fits their family’s needs and their family’s lifestyle. We thank everyone for his or her concerns and questions and want to let you know that we put the well being of our puppies first at Petland Novi.

All of our puppies are now included in the “Puppy for a Lifetime Program”. For the 2nd time in 5 Years Petland Novi won “Store Of The Year”. That makes 5 times that we have won the Award in 24 years and we have been Nominated 15 times. To sum it all up; * Petland Novi is the retail pet industry leader in the area of animal care with ongoing staff training programs, in-store animal husbandry systems and community service programs aimed at placing homeless pets and curbing pet overpopulation in the community.

The health and well being of our pets comes first for all of us at Petland Novi. Healthy puppies are our #1 priority.

* Our puppies come from three primary sources:
1. USDA licensed breeders and distributors with no direct violations in the last 2 years. They can also not have any vet related violations on their last inspection report.
2. Hobby breeders as defined by the Animal Welfare Act, who raise their dogs in a humane manner.
3. Local adoption pets that are vet-checked.

* Petland Novi’s Puppy Health Warranty includes a: Limited 14-day Puppy Warranty guarding against physical health problems such as Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus and Canine Influenza in Puppies. Petland Novi also offers our Customers a choice of either a Limited Lifetime Warranty or 3 Year Warranty guarding against hereditary and congenital disorders on all our Puppies.

Thanks again Petland Novi locally owned and operated for 24 years!!

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