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Petland Novi

Petland Novi Gives Back

Petland Novi Gives Back

“At Petland Novi, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community where we work and reside.”



Petland Novi Charities

Petland Novi has several charities that we contribute to on an annual basis. We have both national organizations and local non-profits we support and have become a staple for us during specific times of the year. Below are our top charities.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: St. Jude is a world-renowned research hospital, leading the path in understanding, treating, and defeating childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases. At Petland Novi, we donate 100% of the sales of two of our puppies every fall during the month of September to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to help support the St. Jude mission.

To find out more about St. Jude go to 

Matthews Wish: Matthew was a tremendously courageous young man fighting a rare condition HLH (Hemophagocytic lymph histiocytosis) and Mito (Mitochondrial Disease).  Matthew lost his battle in April of 2015, but he still is and always will be a hero of ours at Petland Novi!

Matthews Wish is a nonprofit organization that honors Matthew and continues his fight for a cure!

Every April is Matthews month here at Petland Novi.  We were lucky enough to have helped Matthew connect with his own Yorkie puppy, Jewels, and now we honor him by donating 100% of the sale of a Yorkie puppy every April to Matthews Wish!

To find out more about Matthews Wish go to

Charlies Angels Racing: Charlie Anne Sherman was an amazing little girl and a tremendous fighter.  She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia when she was just 10 weeks old.  Charlie fought hard for over a year, but eventually lost her battle only a few months past her first birthday. 

Charlie’s fight and courage has inspired so many, and we here at Petland will always remember Charlie and help her to continue her fight in any way that we can! 

Every May for Charlie’s birthday, we contribute to Charlie’s fight by donating 100% of the sale of one of our puppies to the Charlie’s Angels Racing non-profit, an organization that provides relief for families facing similar struggles. 

To find out more about Charlie’s Angels Racing go to

Heartland Canines: Heartland Canines provides therapy companions and service dogs for disabled veterans.  Their goal is to make the world a better place for the veterans who have served this great nation. Petland Novi has sponsored the full cost of training dogs for these veterans, so they never have to walk alone.

To find out more about Heartland Canines go to 

Novi Community School District (NCSD) Novi4All Therapy Dog Program:

Petland Novi also contributes to and helps support the NCSD Novi4All Therapy Dog Program. The future plans of this program are to have therapy dogs at every school. This program for all ability levels and their goal is to support children’s emotional well-being and learning through district-wide therapy dogs. Research has shown the tremendous benefits to having therapy dogs in schools bonding with students, such as reduced anxiety, improved reading and language skills, reduction in negative behaviors, and more. We at Petland Novi couldn’t be more proud to support this program and our community’s children!

Community Outreach

Similarly to above, pet therapy is a natural extension of what we do at Petland Novi.  We regularly take our puppies to visit school children, children and adults with disabilities, nursing home residents, senior living communities, and more as research of the human-animal bond show that pets are good for people. Our goal is to take our puppies on weekly visits to these locations strengthening that bond and spreading the love and joy only puppies can bring.

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