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  • 6 Verified Reasons Why Petland Novi Is The Best Pet Store In Michigan

    Here are 6 Reasons Why Petland Novi is The Right Place:

    6. We actually help shelter dogs find families

    Despite popular opinions, we provide amazing support to the rescue community. We have numerous groups on Facebook dedicated to helping dogs find new homes. We’re not against adopting new family members.


    Everyone should have the right to choose between adopting or shopping without judgment. We believe all dogs deserve a place to call home and we live by this every day. Sometimes families that go to the rescue don’t find the breed they want and come to us to find it. Other families prefer to shop for a specific breed. There is no right or wrong way to find your new family member.


    At Petland Novi, all animals are important to us. That is why we also help shelter animals too. Shelter puppies and kittens find a home through our Facebook page quickly because we have over 72,000 likes. Here at Petland, we find homes for thousands of homeless puppies through our adopt-a-pet program.


    Since 1998, Petland stores nationwide have placed almost 400,000 abandoned or unwanted pets from shelters. Organizations have strategically tricked the public into believing that we don’t care for animals through emotionally compelling marketing campaigns of abused animals and phrases like “Adopt Don’t Shop”.


    The truth is adoption centers sell dogs too, often in worse conditions than ours due to funding. But we understand that we’re all on the same mission; to help animals find new families. If you would like to post some shelter/foster pups/dogs on our page, please message us with the info and we will post them:


    Petland Novi:

    Grace Greyhound Rescue:

    German Shepherds Of Macomb County Michigan:

    Detroit Dog Rescue:


    5. We love and respect all living beings

    All living beings deserve to be treated with love and respect. Every day, our pups show us that they have feelings just like we do. We honestly could not have stayed in business if we didn’t have the utmost care for the family members we provide. All puppies deserve a place to call home. It shouldn’t matter if they come from shelters or stores. Puppies need to have families that care for them. We’re dedicated to helping our dogs find new homes just like our local adoption centers.


    Hear what Erin Shasheen had to say about her experience with us:


    “ We got our puppy in October 2016. He was I at 10 weeks old Fruggle. He is the happiest puppy that anyone will ever see. We didn’t have any problems or complications, the staff was great. The process in which you adopt a puppy is amazing. They set you up with everything you’re going to need in training, bedding, food. The experience was overall awesome. I can’t begin to say how happy we are with this store.


    Many people have problems with pet stores because they think they’re puppy mills but little do those people know that not all places who sell puppies are puppy mills. All these puppies were well fed, well groomed, and well socialized. Our puppy came already registered and was up-to-date with all of his shots. I would recommend this pet store to anyone who wants to get a puppy to bring into their family. I can’t begin to thank enough Petland Novi for helping us with this addition to our loving family.”


    4. We don’t support substandard breeding practices

    All of our breeders are regulated to provide a standard of care and respect to all of our puppies. No exceptions. The moment we learn about any mistreatment of our puppies, our business relationship is discontinued with that breeder. We have let poor breeders affect our reputation in the past and have now set high standards to prevent this from ever happening again.


    The love and respect we have for all living beings is alive in all of our business practices. We also continue to have an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau. Put simply, Petland Novi does not support puppy mills or substandard breeders at all.


    Learn more about where our puppies come from:


    Our ”Breeders Trip” Facebook Gallery:


    Videos of our breeders:


    Where we get our puppies from:


    More resources:


    Look what Jenny Brenton had to say about her experience with us:


    “It took me about 2 months before I could properly give this place a review. I had bought my teddy bear puppy from this place and it has been the most helpful customer service I have ever seen. The young man Matt is an astounding worker and made the process of taking my first puppy home feel less scary.




    • The puppies there are kept clean and their living kennels get cleaned up immediately.
    • The employee staff are nice.
    • My puppy is the healthiest little nugget <3
    • You literally go home with everything you need
    • If your puppy gets sick, they have it all covered for you
    • If any problem occurs, the staff there are so nice in helping you and giving tips
    • Not from puppy mills. I contacted my puppies breeder and even was allowed to visit him down in Ohio while I visited my grandmother. Hobby breeder at its finest!




    • The puppy was a bit pricey, but everything that comes home with him made it seem worth the bargain.
    • The false lies people spread about this wonderful store! My angel is not from a puppy mill, she is about 6 months of age and is still bossing around my 9-year-old Bichon.
    • I might get another puppy… This store can be a bad habit.

    All in all, I love this store and I would definitely come back to visit more of their gorgeous puppies! Thank you, Petland and Matt for bringing this angel in my life! Keep being amazing you guys!”

    3. Our puppies are happy and healthy

    We believe puppies are symbols of love, happiness, and strong family bonds. Knowing this, we’re dedicated to providing you with healthy, loving family members. Abused puppies are easy to spot and the unverified claims of abuse against us have always been inconsistent with the outpouring of love and happiness each puppy shares with its newly-found family when they jump in the car for the first time.

    2. More than 50% of business continues to be from past customers

    We have been here for over 22 years and have accrued tens of thousands of happy customers. More than 50% of our business comes from previous customers who are purchasing their 2nd 3rd or 4th Puppy from us or customers who have referred us. We also have almost 2500 online reviews at a 4.8-star average. We have and always did the right thing for our puppies and our customers. For every negative story out there are 100’s of good ones.


    Every business has negative reviews. At Petland Novi, the health and well-being of our puppies will always be our number one priority. We’re extremely honored to provide healthy, happy family members to our community which is why our standard of excellence for puppies is so high. The positive feedback we continue to see from real customers every day is humbling. We don’t expect to have all perfect reviews by any means but we use your feedback to improve our service each day.


    Hear what Jennifer Olejnik had to say about her experience:


    “ We visit this store anytime we are at the mall and enjoy seeing the dogs. Every time we visit we see several dogs we would love to take home. As a result, we have purchased three dogs from this store.


    We would probably have gotten more if we didn’t already have several dogs at home. Each time we got a dog here we had a wonderful experience. All three of our dogs from Petland are extremely happy and healthy. I would recommend Petland Novi to anyone looking for a family pet.”


    1. We provide the best care to our puppies

    Some rescues often don’t have the proper funding provide their breeds proper medical and nutritional needs but we understand they do their best. We also understand puppies can get sick no matter where they come from. Some puppies even have trouble adjusting to new family environments.


    Because of your gracious support, we continue to provide your future family members with the best medical care and nutritional support. We’ll never be sorry for the love and respect we have for our puppies. Despite the horrible claims against us, we continue to receive triple the amount of love and satisfaction from our customers.


    Petland Novi will continue to provide the highest standard of treatment to all of our family members, furry or scaly. We love and appreciate the support we receive from our community. We look forward to continuing to provide amazing service to our pups and customers. Thanks so much for reading this and allowing us to clear the air with you, our valued customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    When you find a puppy from us you, get much more than what you would have to spend individually for the proper care and protection. We continue to live by our lifetime warranty for your next puppy. There isn’t a single breeder that is willing to do that for you. At Petland, we stand with all of our friends to find new families. Here’s a list of benefits that comes with your new Petland puppy:


    • Lifetime warranty (Between $3000-$6000 value). See your store for details.
    • AKC registration or AKC canine partners listing ($50 value)
    • 30 days of AKC pet insurance (Up to $1500)
    • USDA approved breeders and professional hobbyist
    • Examined by up to 3 veterinarians before he or she goes home
    • Up to date vaccinations
    • Initial dewormings and ear mite treatment
    • Michigan vet health certificate
    • Exclusive Petland 14-day trial warranty
    • Well socialized four generation pedigree on select puppies
    • 3 vet exams at VCA
    • Extended 60 day health warranty at VCA (Up to $2500)
    • $1000 discount on spay/neuter
    • Dual register ability on selected breeds
    • Petland breed knowledge
    • Petland animal care
    • Microchipped for lifetime identification and pet ID card
    • Complimentary training DVD
    • Lifetime training assistance (up to $500 value)
    • Free safety harness and slap lead ($175 value)
    • And much more!
  • Lab Puppies for Sale – This Dog Takes America’s Top Spot!

    Lab Puppies for Sale: Say Hello to America’s Favorite Dog!

    When searching for Lab puppies for sale in Michigan, it’s important to know what you’re in for! Like with any dog breed, they have certain qualities that might fit right in with your family or might have you looking at different options. Petland Novi prides itself in being one of the most knowledgeable establishments in breed education and, more importantly, breed selection for you and your family.

    The Labrador Retriever is a very popular dog breed and started out as a hunting-type dog. This breed is very loyal, intelligent and very endearing and thus a great family dog, guide dog and even for military work. Labrador Retrievers are very easy going and will work great with kids and families alike.

    A few awesome qualities of a Labrador Retriever pup that you must keep in mind:

    • Labs require minimal coat maintenance and does not need regular grooming or stripping. You might need to vacuum often though because tends to shed.
    • This breed is one of the easiest to train and that makes it ideal for families and new owners. They also like to be challenged with new commands, always with a treat as a reward!
    • This dog is a good watchdog and will bark if there are intruders and if there is imminent danger but is unlikely to scare strangers because of its soft looks.
    • Labradors can handle the cold or hot weather, but it needs a large space or room to move around, walk and exercise. Expect daily walks and runs with this dog.
    • This dog is very low maintenance and thus perfect for first time dog owners. It tends to be wonderful with children and can be very playful. It can also work well with other dogs and pets.

    Do you think that a Labrador retriever might be the right breed of dog for you and your family? Don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment to come and snuggle with our Lab puppies for sale in our store today!

  • The Golden Retriever – Friendly Facts About America’s Cuddliest Breed!

    It’s no mystery why the Golden Retriever is so popular! 

    The well-mannered, fun-loving dogs are a hit with children and adults alike. The Golden Retriever is the 3rd favorite dog in America, only after the Labrador Retriever and The German Shepherd. Here at Petland Novi, we always have Golden Retrievers for sale in Michigan! Check out these facts to enhance your breed knowledge on man’s best friend!

    1. Golden Retriever Beginnings – Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland

    Golden Retrievers truly have very highborn roots, being the creation of Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, 1st Baron Tweedmouth, aka the Lord Tweedmouth. Lord Tweedmouth began shaping this noble dog in his native Scotland by breeding flat-coated retrievers with the Tweed water spaniels.

    2. Do You Smell That? Golden Retrievers Can!

    As evident by their apt names, Golden Retrievers were primarily intended to be a hunting dogs. They also possess a “soft mouth”, which allows them to retrieve delicate game without damaging it. Because of this selective breeding, the Golden has one of the best sniffers in the game. They are also employed as bomb sniffers and search and rescue dogs as much as hunting companions these days!

    3. The Golden Retriever Gets an “A”!

    Golden Retrievers aren’t just for looks, no sir! This family-friendly breed also possesses an exceptionally keen mind as well. They are listed as the 4th smartest dog breed, trailing only Border Collies, Poodles and German Shepherds.

    4. The AKC First Recognized the Breed in 1925

    The AKC has always touted the excellence of the Golden Retriever’s personality and physical prowess, but it actually took a while before they were officially recognized. While the breed was popular from the very beginning, around the late 1800s, it wasn’t until 1925 that they graced the AKC with their very furry presence.

    5. What a Good Listener! The Golden Obedience Trifecta

    The American Kennel Club introduced its official obedience trials in 1977, and its first three obedience champions were golden retrievers. The very first was a female named Moreland’s Golden Tonka, aka Tonka. During Tonka’s career, she earned eight perfect scores and 176 “High in Trial” awards.

    6. And This is Where a Golden Retriever Really Shines!

    Although the originators of this breed might not have had anything but an excellent hunting dog in mind, the Golden has shown that their fierce intelligence and loyal countenance has a much different application these days. Golden retrievers are the perfect assistant dogs for people with various disabilities. Assistance-dog organizations all train Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Lab-golden crosses for the job almost exclusively!

    So don’t miss out and check our available puppies page for our Golden Retrievers for sale today! Want to know more about the Golden Retriever, just give us a call today!

  • 5 Ways to Tell If Your Children are Ready for a Puppy

    Every child dreams of having a pet puppy, but as parents, it’s difficult to know when the time is right to bring a puppy home.

    With busy schedules and after-school activities, adding a puppy to the mix may seem like a bit much. At Petland, we understand that puppies require love and attention, so we want to help your family make this big decision. Here are five ways to tell your children are ready for you to buy a puppy.

    Your family has discussed the decision together.

    A family pet is a family decision. Everyone needs to be onboard with having a puppy, because the responsibility of taking care of the puppy will be shared. Sit down as a family and allow everyone to share how they feel about having a puppy. Be sure to discuss the responsibilities as well, which includes feeding, walking, cleaning, and most importantly loving the puppy.

    If your family is planning on buying a puppy, take a Saturday trip to Petland and meet the puppies and friendly staff. Let the kids have time to interact with the in-store puppies, and ask any questions you may have about pet ownership.

    Your children are communicating an interest in animals.

    As your children grow, they will begin to understand the world and gain a sense of empathy. When your children begin to express an interest in the well being of animals, they are ready to learn the responsibilities of pet ownership.

    The routine tasks such as feeding, walking, and bathing a puppy will come in handy later in life. At Petland, we believe that the children of today are the pet owners of tomorrow.

    Your children’s playmates have pets.

    If your children’s friends all have pets, your children can greatly benefit from the shared experience of pet ownership. Children learn through relating, so your children should not be the only ones without a pet.

    Your children are spending too much time with technology.

    While technology is a great tool for communication and efficiency, today’s children get far too much exposure to computers, tablets, and cell phones. Increased technology use usually results in a sedentary lifestyle. Having a puppy encourages children to put the phone down and get outside to play.

    Your children are excelling in school.

    If your children are excelling in school, what better way to reward them than a surprise trip to Petland to buy a puppy! Good grades deserve creative rewards and your children will be thrilled when they visit Petland and interact with the wide selection of puppies.

  • Huskies for Sale, Say Hello to the Coolest Dog in Our Store!

    Our Huskies for Sale are one of the most recognizable breeds in the world!

    A Siberian Husky could be the pet you have been waiting for. If you’re looking for Huskies for sale in Michigan, make sure to get to know all about the Siberian Husky before you get one! Petland Novi always has Siberian Huskies for sale in our store! Check out the blue- and brown-eyes beauties on our available puppies page!


    The Husky is a working dog and is from Siberia. It has a double coat with thick fur, pointy and perky ears and gorgeous markings all over its body. This dog is very intelligent and strong; together with its pack, it pulls sleds loaded with people, cargo and supplies. Huskies have evolved over the years from an outdoor dog roaming across the frozen tundra to a stay-at-home family pet.

    The Husky has the following characteristics:

    • Huskies require regular grooming so that their fur maintains its good shape and shine. It is recommended that you never shave your Husky, even in the summer. The coat actually regulates temperature, it doesn’t just heat!
    • With that double coat, shedding is inevitable! So be sure to vacuum your carpet, bed, car and sofa.
    • This dog is very easy to train and has a good memory; it will bark when there is danger or if there is an intruder.
    • You must be careful if you live in hot, humid climates. It can adapt well in the cold because of its double fur coat.
    • The Husky requires daily exercise and therefore you need to take it for a walk or have extended play time several times daily.
    • This dog needs a firm hand when it comes to training. You must be consistent with commands and exercise positive training methods
    • This dog is friendly with other pets but may not do well with smaller children. The best course of action is to let a Siberian Husky puppy associate with children at an early age.

    Still set on a Siberian husky puppy for you and your family? Trust Petland to have Husky puppies from only the most reputable breeders in the country! Come down and play with our puppies today!

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