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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • The happiest place on Earth is an understatement! Every puppy and kitten looks so adorable, healthy, and happy when you come in and the staff is so helpful! I always tell people they need to go to the "puppy store" because it's not only fun, but a great way to meet a forever friend!

    Amy Gilliam

  • Best store in the world. Tons of the cutest puppies and you can even have sessions to play with any of them! Also a super friendly staff! Always my very first stop when I go to the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi!

    Alexis Rau

  • Went here to search for new puppy and staff was extremely knowledgeable friendly and helpful!

    Andrea Fignar

  • I haven't adopted a dog from here, but every time I go in and on their website I am very tempted to just get one. I would love to take a furry friend home from here. Maybe sometime soon I will. Its a great place with great customer service and great people!

    Chelsea Morris

  • Adopted my puppy here in March and it was a great experience!, the staff was amazing and the puppy's are super cute!

    Keith Risch

  • We got our puppy in October 2016. He was I at 10 week old Fruggle. He is the happiest puppy that anyone will ever see. We didn't have any problems or complications, the staff was great. The process in which you adopt a puppy is amazing. They set you up with everything you're going to need in training, bedding, food. The experience was overall awesome. I can't begin to say how happy we are with this store. Many people have problems with pet stores because they think they're puppy mills but little do those people know that not all places who sell puppies are puppy mills. All these puppies were well fed, well groomed, and well socialized. Our puppy came already registered, and was up-to-date with all of his shots. I would recommend this pet store to anyone who wants to get a puppy to bring into their family. I can't begin to think enough Petland Novi for helping us with this addition to our loving family.

    erin shaheen

  • Very helpful and attentive employees. Love this place!

    Julie Howell

  • Super clean, amazingly friendly - when you are ready to find your true Fur-ever friend, choose Petland Novi! These guys are doing it RIGHT!!!

    Rebecca Lowe

  • Love this store! Always enjoy going there :) So friendly, helpful, and personable.

    Sarah Kappele

  • Good experience. We got our Doxie from there and everyone is helpful and knowledgeable. It was clean and we got alot with our puppy package.

    Susie Carr

  • Great store, always has a great selection of dogs. Have always had great experiences there when visiting.

    Lexi Payne

  • We purchased our cocker spaniel from Petland in Novi. I seen her picture on their facebook page and instantly fell in love with her. That day we went to the store and walked out with the most amazing puppy ever!

    Haley Kopis

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