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Petland Novi

erin shaheen

erin shaheen

March 13, 2016

We got our puppy in October 2016. He was I at 10 week old Fruggle. He is the happiest puppy that anyone will ever see. We didn’t have any problems or complications, the staff was great. The process in which you adopt a puppy is amazing. They set you up with everything you’re going to need in training, bedding, food. The experience was overall awesome. I can’t begin to say how happy we are with this store. Many people have problems with pet stores because they think they’re puppy mills but little do those people know that not all places who sell puppies are puppy mills. All these puppies were well fed, well groomed, and well socialized. Our puppy came already registered, and was up-to-date with all of his shots. I would recommend this pet store to anyone who wants to get a puppy to bring into their family. I can’t begin to think enough Petland Novi for helping us with this addition to our loving family.

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