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Petland Novi

Becky W.

Becky W.

December 27, 2017

I am going to write this review because I think it is important that people know all about the dog and breeder world. I purchased my Scottish Terrier from Petland in early 2004, I fell in love with my little girl. She licked and kissed my face and that puppy breath was to die for. After she turned 1.5 years old I decided to purchase from a reputable breeder a male scottie and then a year later from a reputable breeder another female scottie. The last scottie I purchased from a reputable breeder had teeth alignment issues and I had to take her to Pontiac to a vet dentist for some teeth removal. No big deal a rouge gene he said. Great and I move on, well I lost my male scottie from a spleen issue, well sort of, he had his spleen removed and 14 month later had to be put down for lymphoma, and a year later the other little girl from the breeder also had a spleen issue had surgery, never recovered, had a stroke and we also put her down. Now those two beautiful wheaten colored scotties came from reputable breeders…needless to say my 13 year old girl who will be 14 in January is still with us! Thank you Petland, I have never been sorry for my purchase, nor was I sorry for the purchases with the breeders. Things happen, genetics etc, most people dont realize to actually not take their puppy anywhere for the first few months until all shots are done. Thank you and I thought you should know this.

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