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Petland Novi

Cathy Tulock

Cathy Tulock

May 6, 2016

My daughter wanted a dog all throughout her child hood and never was able to have one due to her father’s allergic. My husband became allergic to dog dander when he was a child and becomes very asthmatic. When shopping one day at 12 oaks mall in Novi in 2015 daughter now an adult we popped into pet land Novi to see puppies. We met a little Morkie and was given details from the staff that morkies are hyper allergenic and have hair not fur. We (she) adopted Bently that night and we knew we were taking a risk of dad’s allergies. Bentley has been part of our family for a year now and no symptoms from dad accept love and a special bond. Our daughter is 20 now and we know it won’t be long for her and Bentley to move out and on with their own life. But until then we get to spoil him rotten.

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