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Petland Novi

Erica Dugas

Erica Dugas

June 10, 2016

I don’t know where to even begin…Petland has been amazing to our family. I truly believe they are heroes in disguise. My son was battling two devastating disease, mitochondrial disease and HLH. He wanted so much to have a little dog, one that he could take with him in his wheelchair and to his hospital appointments as well as inpatient stays. We went to Petland in hopes of finding that perfect little dog. How lucky we were to find that perfect dog too!! However, I wasn’t able to make it happen, the cost was more then we could afford at the time. I asked Petland to hold Jewels (that is the name Matthew, my son, ended up giving her), so that I could find a way to get the money. Matthew and I had just got back from Nationwide children’s hospital were he spent a month fighting for his life, so I wanted nothing more then to be able to give him Jewels. Later that evening Petland called me and told me to bring Matthew with me to get his new princess, Jewels. They told me they wanted to surprise Matthew and give him Jewels FREE of charge. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As tears filled my eyes, if they only knew how happy they would be making him!! When we arrived I was so happy, it took everything for me not to tell Matthew what was about to happen. When we walked in the whole staff was there to greet us!! They handed Matthew Jewels and told him they wanted to give her to him! Matthew was at a loss for words and fighting to hold back his tears of pure happiness! But, that wasn’t all! The staff took Matthew around the store and told him anything and everything he wanted was his!! They took Matthew around the store and helped him fill a cart full!!! Matthew got clothing for Jewels, collars, toys, treats, puppy pads, cages, dishes, life jacket, car seat carrier, car transporter, shampoo, flee collar, vitamins, brushes, leashes, the list kept going too! Our receipt was taller then 6 foot!! Again, this was all FREE!! Then they went on to tell us they would supply Jewels FREE food for life!! Wait, that’s not all!! They also gave us all her shots and vet visits FREE!!! I couldn’t help but to break! Their hearts were so loving! The whole staff had huge smiles on their faces as they talked with Matthew the whole time!! They even walked us to our car and helped us load everything up! Their love and kindness didn’t stop there either. Sadly, 6 months later Matthew passed away ??. He fought hard for two months in the PICU, but his diseases wouldn’t let up. Matthew passed away two weeks passed his 10th birthday (April 20, 2015). We decided to have a celebration of life for Matthew. We asked everyone to wear Superheros or Star Wars clothing in honor of Matthew. We also started raising money (Matthew’s wish) for the team at Mott children’s hospital for research, treatment, and hopefully a cure! The day of Matthew’s celebration of life Petlands entire staff wore superhero shirts!! They also asked their customers to wear Superhero shirts that day when they came in, all in honor of Matthew. They collected money for Matthew’s wish too! Making a large donation! We since have made shirts that we are selling to not only raise awareness but also help with funding for Matthew’s wish as well. Petland bought shirts plus made another generous donation! Petland continues again and again to reach out to our family with such kindness, generosity, and pure love! They have time and time again went above and beyond to keep Matthew’s memory alive, to help a mom with a broken heart, and to help change the future for all whom are suffering from these horrible disease. Petland has touched my heart so very deeply. They didn’t just give us a dog and move on, they stood by us and they have support us…they are a true blessing to our family and our hearts. They will FOREVER be apart of our life’s and I’ll NEVER forget all they have done and continue to do for our family and Matthew’s memory! Petland you guys change life’s for the better and you do make a difference. Thank you for being our angels in disguise ????????

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