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Petland Novi

Jenny Brenton

Jenny Brenton

October 31, 2017

It took me about 2 months before I could properly give this place a review. I had bought my teddy bear puppy from this place and it has been the most helpful customer service I have ever seen. The young man Matt is an astounding worker and made the process of taking my first puppy home feel less scary
-The puppies there are kept clean and their living kennels get cleaned up immediately.
-The employee staff are nice.
-My puppy is the healthiest little nugget <3
-You literally go home with everything you need
-If your puppy gets sick, they have it all covered for you
-If any problem occurs, the staff there are so nice in helping you and giving tips
-Not from puppy mills. I contacted my puppies breeder and even was allowed to visit him down in Ohio while I visited my grandmother. Hobby breeder at its finest!
-The puppy was a bit pricey, but everything that comes home with him made it seem worth the bargain
-The false lies people spread about this wonderful store! My angel is not from a puppy mill, she is about 6 months of age and is still bossing around my 9 year old Bichon.
-I might get another puppy…. This store can be a bad habit

All in all, I love this store and I would definitely come back to visit more of their gorgeous puppies!
Thank you Petland and Matt for bringing this angel in my life! Keep being amazing you guys!

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