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Petland Novi



January 12, 2018

My girlfriend and I purchased our 1 and a half year old Ori-pei duke a year ago. He has been 1 of the most greatest gifts in our lives. I remember the day like yesterday. My girlfriend had been itching to get a dog for a while however we live in an apartment so needless to say I was reluctant. my girlfriend usually just needed the sensation every once in a while to get it out of here system. not that day. We came into the store as a spur of the moment choice. and were looking at all the different puppies. in one of the cages all himself slay this tan one sleeping ignoring everything. the gf was instantly attracted to him so asked our helper Melissa if she could see him. they took us in to this small room. I was still quite standoff-ish. and that’s when it happened. he licked me right across the face. I was done we had to take him home. the girlfriend and I agreed. and to this day we never regretted it. he was really easy to train. had him house broken in 2 days. he’s the friendliest little guy ever. end to have that feeling of him at the door waiting for me to get home. is one of the greatest things in my daily life.

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